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CMV: Certificate & Membership Validation

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1 year membership ($70)
2 year membership ($140)
CAA pilot logbook ($30)
RAANZ aircraft logbook ($20)

Cheques to RAANZ (Inc)
DC to 010321 0107714 00
CC via www.paymate.com to admin@raanz.org.nz
Quote your name or RAANZ number as a reference
Assessment standards
A: Ideal. Standards achieved consistently, accurately and confidently
B: Competent. Standards achieved sufficiently, adequately and safely
C: Not yet competent. Unable to meet all standards
Manouvers to be executed within +/- 100 feet, +/- 10 degrees, +/- 5kts< of nominated as appropriate

General Knowledge Piloting Technique Gyrocraft
CAA rules, RAANZ P&P manual Preflight inspection and fueling PIO recognition & recovery
Aircraft documents & logbooks Aircraft ground handling Operation behind power curve
Aeronautical charts, AIP, VFG Cockpit checks Minimum speed level flight
Airspace knowledge Engine & Throttle handling
Radio & Transponder use Climbout & Approach Powered chutes
NOTAMS & weather briefings Medium & Steep turns Riser failure
Flight plans, SARTIME, ELT/PLB Circuits & Overshoot Non-inflation at takeoff
Aircraft loading (MAUW & CoG) Engine failure & emergency drills Canopy collapse
Human Factors Stalls- with/without power/flaps
Judgement Landings- normal, x/wind, short Instructor Flight Test
Attitude Glide approach & forced landing Briefing & communication skills
Specific Flight characteristics Traffic awareness & lookout Use of GAP Instructor Guide
Spins- cause & recovery Airmanship Appreciation of low inertia
Turbulence/rotor awareness Instructor Seminar participation

Flight test completed and passed
Intermediate, Instructor valid for 1 year
Advanced Local/National, ATO valid for 2 years
Part 61 licence Flight certificate Medical expiry
Total time (all types) Microlight types A- weightshift/trike
B- 3 axis airplane
G- gyroplane
H- helicopter
P- powered chute
Appointments ATO
Total time (Part 103)
Time last 12 months Ratings Passenger rating (Advanced)
FRTO rating
Tow rating
Water rating
Test pilot rating
Reason for issue Instructor notes
Checklist Membership, medical, BFR now all current
Logbook presented, inspected and correct
New member- FPP to RAANZ
Upgrade- exams completed
Advanced- cross-countries completed

I certify the details contained herein are accurate, and my Instructor Certificate is current.

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